– Hey, guys, welcome to another Affiliate Marketing Campaigns edition of Ask Ngo. Today we have a great question. This reader sent me an email that asked, “Hey, Charles, I’ve been stuck “at the $150 a day profit mark “for the past three months.

How to scale affiliate marketing campaigns.

“I have this campaign, it’s inconsistent, “every time I try to scale Affiliate Marketing Campaigns up, “it loses money, and I’m back down “to $100, $150 a day. “What’s your best way and your best suggestions “to scale this campaign? ” When I think of scaling, I think about that song from Kanye West where he goes, “What do you think I rap for? “To push a fucking Rad Four? ” So you’re putting in all this work into your affiliate marketing campaigns, and we’re not looking just to make $150 a day. You wanna make $1000 a day, or even $10, 000 a day. So scaling is the art of taking a small campaign and increasing its volume, while maintaining its profitability.

So the first thing to consider is this: when you’re looking to scale a campaign, don’t worry about the ROI. Focus on the total profit. Let me ask you this: would you rather have a campaign that’s 100% ROI making $150 a day, or would you rather have a campaign that makes $1000 a day, but you’re only at 10% ROI? Right, $1000 a day, so don’t worry about the ROI. So let’s talk about scaling.

So there are four simple steps to scaling. The first way to scale Affiliate Marketing Campaigns is to raise bids. Now, if you’re bidding 50 cents for the campaign right now and you’re profiting, try increasing the bid by 10%. Try 55 cents and see how that affects things.

My next suggestion when it comes to this before you raise the bids, it’s important to make sure you have the right profitability. For instance, if you’re ROI is only 10% a day, then what ends up happening is there’s too much variability, because at 10% ROI, one day you might be making money, and the next day you might be losing money, so what happens is most people, they try to raise their bids when their ROI is not solid enough. So I recommend a minimum of 30% ROI before you start raising bids. So it’s very important, before you start scaling, to maximize the profits.

Make sure your ad CTR’s low, make sure you have the best offer, improve your landing page as much as possible to get your ROI solid. That way, your campaign is not inconsistent. Make sure your campaign is consistent first before you raise the bids, and sometimes you’ll find that you can raise the bids by 10%. The profitability’s still the same, and you’re making more money.

Then you know what to do next. After a few days, raise the bids again. The second strategy is to do more placements. More placements are this: if you’re on a website and you’re only advertising in the 300 by 250 banner space, what other placements are available? Can you do the skyscraper? Can you do the leaderboard? Another idea is what if you got the campaign profitable, $150 a day, by cutting so many placements? So if you increase your profitability, then instead of only bidding on, like, let’s say 20 zone IDs, what if now you can bid on 30 zone IDs? So you wanna increase your placements.

The third way is more GEOs, AKA more countries. Now, I notice a lot of people, tend to stick with one country and one country only. So maybe this guy is doing $150 a day in the USA only, but guess what? His offer is available in Australia, UK, Thailand, Malaysia. So the easiest way to scale is to import or export the campaign to different countries.

Now, it’s very important when you’re exporting to a different country that you have the proper translations. Use OneHourTranslation. com. And it’s also important to think about the angles, think about the culture.

Just because you copy and paste the Affiliate Marketing Campaigns from one country to another doesn’t mean it’s automatically profitable. But always, always make sure you try different countries because the ROI could be different. You could be making a lot more ROI because of a lot less competitive. Scale to another traffic source.

So, sometimes, if you’re on a traffic source that’s small, it just can’t scale. For instance, if you’re doing pop traffic on Plug Rush, you’re not gonna do $10, 000 a day. There are only certain traffic sources that can hit five figures a day. So if you’re on a much smaller traffic source, then maybe it just can’t scale.

Another tip I have is, when you’re scaling, make sure you first scale to similar traffic sources. For instance, if your campaign is profitable, pop ads, then maybe it makes sense to scale it to another mobile pop traffic source, like Self Advertiser. You don’t wanna take a campaign that’s on pops, and then you scale it to Facebook. You wanna maximize your traffic source type as much as possible.

Why is that? It’s because it’s already proven, your funnel’s already proven on that type of traffic source. So you go to a completely different traffic source, it’s like you’re starting all over again. All right, guys, so there are a lot more strategies out there on scaling, but these four are the simplest and most effective ones. The biggest advice I can give you is this: increase the profitability of your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns, because if you have a campaign, let’s say it’s doing 300% ROI, then you can just throw in any traffic source and it’ll make money.

So focus on optimizing a funnel. Get the best offer, get the best landing pages, get the best angles. The more profitable your campaign is, then the easier it is to scale. So if you have problems scaling, every time you scale it’s not consistent, it loses money, that’s just because your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns are not profitable enough.

So work on that first before you scale. All right, I hope you guys liked that. If you have any questions for me, just write in the comments. So please remember to subscribe, share, like this video, and I’ll make some more.

Thank you.